As artists with different musical and visual backgrounds, we felt that we must create a space dedicated to relaxing and zoning out for anyone in need of such activities.

The cohesive force tying our formation together is the experience and knowledge we gained over the years.


  • Guido F. Mátis (widosub) is a sound engineer and music producer, regularly doing audio post-production for short films, animations, and feature films, also wrote and recorded original scores for commercials and motion pictures.

  • Bence Sipos (Bobek) is a music producer, among his various different projects is a partly electronic-partly traditionally instrumented collaboration with a mantra singer.

  • Krisztián Végh (dr. Sinapsis) is a visual artist and music producer, who creates breathtaking animations and overall visual design to accompany our music.

    Our goal is to enrich the soundscapes with reactive visuals, thus making the whole experience more peculiar - we're using sound design elements to fuse the two worlds together, blurring the line between senses and perception.
    Nature is occupying a special place in our hearts, so every sound, and each color has a unique meaning within our work.