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This category sums up the type of music which helps the listener achieve inner cleansing whilst diving down subsurface levels in the process. This music, therefore, does not contain lead instruments or any destructive sounds.
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When creating relaxing music, we can choose from a large palette: the goal is to relax the body, the mind, and the soul. Effects can differ from person to person – the purpose of the music is not necessarily to help the listener to reach deeper mental states, although, in some cases, it reportedly happened anyway.

Binaural Beat:
A binaural beat is created when there is a frequency range below 1000 Hz between two sounds and the difference between them is no more than 30 Hz.
You will find more information about their effect at this link.

Solfeggio Frequencies:
As with Binaural Beat, Solfeggio frequencies have different effects on the human body and mind. That is why it is crucial to determine, in advance, what effect we want to achieve in the music.
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Guided Meditation:
In this case, the speech is in focus, and all other sounds only play a background role.

Power Nap:

It is a proven fact that power naps have a good effect on our frame. Even after only 5 minutes of rest, we may feel the prolongated effect of energized freshness for hours. We can help you with your quick relaxation with Power Naps of different lengths (5-10-15 minutes).


After researching many sources of knowledge, we concluded that the "Sympathetic Vibratory Physics" direction is ideal for harmonizing music and images, so we also use this system when creating the visual world.

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Since nature is the central element of our artistic world, we take colors appearing naturally as a basis; this way an audiovisual creation belonging to a given scene would be born.


We took alchemical symbols as a basis for our symbols – the one you see in our thumbnail indicates the elements of nature around which the given work is built.

Alchemic Symbols Names