On Demand

On Demand

We'd like to realize the dreams of those wanting to experience a unique perspective when listening to music, so we aim to provide a solution for making those dreams come true. Contact us whenever you'd like, we will be glad to help! Further details are below.

Step 1: Set the desired result

1. Determine the aim of the music/sound.

Here you will find some examples:

Focus & Clarity
Binaural Beats | 14Hz | Alpha Waves | Focus

Emotional wellbeing
Healing Frequency | 440Hz | Cognitive Development

Throat Chakra Meditation | 627Hz | Healing

You will find samples on our On-Demand Channel.

Step 2: Fill out the On Demand Form (coming soon)

2. We compose music / Generate or create sound based on the given details.

3. We create the visual based on the given details.